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Rental Information

The Rental Process

*Rentals are by appointment only*

  • Make a quick stop at our convenient, centralized location to pick up your rental and hit any lake or river in Arizona at a lower cost than any lake competitor.


  • All renters must be 18 or older with valid state ID.

  • All rentals include paddle and personal floatation device.

  • Tie down straps are available upon request.

  • Please have an appropriate vehicle to transport your rentals (ex. Truck, SUV, Hatchback, trailer).

  • Rentals are 12, 24, 48, 72, 96, and 120 hours.

  • Note that a $60 security deposit will be charged to the card  at time of pick up. The full amount will be refunded back to your card at the time of drop-off assuming all equipment is returned on time, present and not damaged. Cash deposit is needed for cash rentals. 

  • Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility when scheduling your pickup that we are open when you plan on dropping off.

  • Cancellation policy is as follows:

    • Greater than 24 hours notice = 100% money back

    • Less than 24 hours notice = 50% money back

    • No call, no show = No money back

Hours of Operation


Monday-Thursday: Closed 

Friday: 5pm--7pm



Single Sit In/On  Kayak
 Starts at $35 Cash

Weight Capacity 275lb-325lb
9.5 ft. Long

Tandem Sit On Kayak
Starts at $50 Cash

Weight Capacity 500lb
13.5 ft. Long

Fishing Kayak
Starts at $45 Cash

Weight Capacity 335lb
10.5 ft. Long

Comes with anchor and rod holder
Inflatable SUP.jpg

Paddle Board
Starts at $40 Cash

Weight Capacity
10.5 ft. Long

Comes with manual pump and ankle leash
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